Peruvian Featherworks; Art of the Precolumbian Era. Heidi King, Mary Frame Mercedes Delgado, Ann Pollard Rowe, Johan Reinhard, Christine Giuntini, Santiago Uceda.

Peruvian Featherworks; Art of the Precolumbian Era

New York and New Haven: Metropoiitan Museum of Art and Yale, 2012. hardcover. Documentation of the feather arts of ancient Peru. This publication summarizes what is currently know about this exquisite and unusual art form. Among tradition societies, feather, and object emellished with feathers. have cultural value and are imbued with spiritual energy and supernatural force. Essaays by noted archaelogists and textile specialists. 222 pages with prolific illustrations. fine / fine. Item #3771
ISBN: 9780300169799

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